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  • Blockchain Bridge: What it is and how it works

    That means the app is stuck using the features of that single blockchain. Put simply, that locks the project out of benefits of other blockchains. Put simply, each blockchain has its own language, and they aren’t all cross-compatible. Another key difference is that atomic swaps are most commonly conducted between two transacting parties, while bridges […]

  • What Is Customer Retention? Importance, Metrics & Strategies

    If an organization does not focus on customer retention but instead focuses solely on expanding its customer base, it is potentially losing out on repeat customers. While the process of gaining new customers, or customer acquisition, is important, it is also much more expensive. Maintaining customers and transitioning them into recurring customers is just as […]

  • ETF Liquidity Provider: How To Choose One?

    Because the trading activity is a direct reflection of supply and demand for financial securities, the trading environment will also affect liquidity. The size of an ETF affects its liquidity, with larger funds generally having more liquid shares. This is because large funds have more assets under management and can trade more shares without affecting […]

  • 5 Best New Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2022

    Content See Today’s BestBanking Offers Best Cryptocurrencies for Your Crypto Investment Strategy: The Verdict Latest Crypto News List of Cryptocurrency with Limited Supply What is the best cryptos to invest in the short term? Fairer to play, cheaper to run Bitcoin price prediction ahead of Fed decision, NFP data Here are the top cryptocurrency coins […]